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Power Wagon

Retro Trucks Refitted for Modern Experience

If you live within shouting distance of the Chapman Payson Auto Center, chances are you’ve had an experience or two reconnoitering the back country roads in a four-wheel drive. It might have been a new Dodge Ram or an older Jeep, but chances are it wasn’t in a mid-century Power Wagon that was reconstructed by Legacy Classic Trucks in Driggs, Idaho. Power Wagons were a big, bold pickup truck constructed by Dodge from 1947 to 1968. Militaristic-looking with a snub nose, stout fenders and thick bed, the trucks were known for low-end power, a lack of comfort and the inability to cruise at highway speeds. They were commonly used for heavy duty maintenance by local governments.

For Just $185,000, One Can be Yours

Legacy Classic Trucks takes the old Power Wagons down to the bone and reconstructs them to be classic cruisers, with luxury such as Mercedes-Benz carpeting, Porsche headliners and custom-made steering wheels and instrument clusters. All the trucks also get air conditioning and a modern sound system. Most of the conversions use a 585 horsepower Chevy engine, which has plenty of pop for farm chores or taking this beast down the highway at well above the legal limit. If you have an affliction to putting a Chevy engine in a Chrysler product, they also offer a small-block Mopar engine. Depending on the options you order, the cost of a re-manufactured Power Wagon runs from $185,000 to almost $300,000. It’s the perfect solution for the rich rancher who needs a unique four-wheel drive.

Limited Number of Power Wagons Available

The founder of Legacy Classic Trucks, Winslow Bent, says there are only about 30 more Power Wagons available for reconstruction. Once those run out, he has plans to take on Mack, Studebaker and Diamond T projects, along with Jeep Scramblers and 1950s Chevy Stepsides. Legacy goes through each truck from top to bottom, fixing what it can and replacing other parts with new sheetmetal. For the Power Wagons, they beef up the frame by surrounding the c-section bars with metal. Right now there’s about a six-month wait for a regular cab truck and nine months for an extended cab. If you want a Dodge Carryall, that wait is about a year.

Check Out Your Own Backyard

If the cost or wait time for a rebuilt Power Wagon is unappealing, you might try looking at the selection of Dodge and Jeep 4x4s at Chapman Payson Auto Center. Even the most expensive four-wheeler is still about a fourth of what you’d pay for one of those rebuilt monsters. They’ll even throw in the cup holders for free.


The National Coalition For Safer Roads suggests that the summer time is prime time for drivers to go straight through red lights. It is very important that you be aware of traffic lights and activity on the roads. It does not matter if you are in a hurry to get to a theme park, lake or anywhere else.

The National Coalition For Safer Roads has come up with the following information.

Breaking traffic rules are more likely to happen during long weekends.

Public holidays such as Memorial Day may have already been, but Independence Day and Labor Day public holidays are still to come. In 2014, these particular weekends were the prime time when drivers would drive straight through red lights. Information has revealed that roughly 38,000 traffic-related incidents happened near the extended weekend of Memorial Day. On the other hand, Independence Day and Labor Day have been known to have a little less of about 35,000 accidents.

This information shows that holidays during the summer time, when thousands of drivers are driving on the roads, are extremely dangerous. A spokeswoman for The National Coalition For Safer Roads said the following in a media statement: “The reason for giving this information to the public, is to convince them it is important to drive defensively and limit the amount of vehicle accidents that typically happen during the busiest times of the day”.

In the end, it is vital that you pay attention to your driving over long weekends. No matter what it is that you may be thinking about, you must keep your eyes on the road. Always keep in mind that there are many people who think about their holiday. Please do not be another driver who may be distracted by these things.

Be Careful Of The TGIF Driving Syndrome.

The National Coalition For Safer Roads has also learned that Friday afternoons between the times of 1pm to 5pm, is the most dangerous to be on the road. Of course many people work during the afternoons on Friday, but there are still several young drivers or those who have taken a day off on Friday for time off.

It is completely normal to be looking forward to the weekend and the good weather. Although make sure to keep your excitement contained until you arrive to your destination. Always keep your eye on the roads and pay attention. If you want to change your music, give those who you are travelling with the opportunity to do this for you. Turn your mobile phone off. Put your seat belt on and chill out. The Chapman Payson dealership wants you to be safe on the road.


Founded in 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler

With a vision of providing affordable vehicles that deliver quality, speed, comfort and style to consumers, the Chrysler brand has been on a mission for the past 90 years. To celebrate its 90th year, the company is issuing special 90th Anniversary packages for the Chrysler 300, 200 and Town and Country minivan. The additional features come in the form of top-end creature comforts that deliver even more luxury to the loyal consumers who have kept coming back to Chrysler for decades. “Ninety years ago, Walter P. Chrysler laid the foundation for a philosophy that still works today – craftsmanship, beautiful design, innovation and technology, all at an affordable price,” said Chrysler Brand CEO Al Gardner.

Chrysler 200 Package Includes Sunroof, Large Touchscreen

Chrysler pulled out all the stops in celebrating its 90th birthday, particularly on the newest model to the automaker’s lineup. Chrysler 200 sales have been brisk as consumers like the affordability and fuel efficiency of the midsize sedan. Now buyers can have luxury as well, with the addition of an 8.4-inch touchscreen with audio and optional navigation, power sunroof, leather steering wheel, power eight way driving seat and much more. Special floor mats will have a special 90th anniversary logo, as will the touchscreen. Visit Chapman Payson to have a look at the special 200 in early October.

300 Builds on Limited Trim Level

The Chrysler 300 Limited trim package is already full of fun features, so engineers had to go some to make it even more of a luxury ride for the 90th anniversary package. Along with Chrysler’s patented UConnect system to bring the Internet to your vehicle, the 300 also gets the large touchscreen with navigation and satellite traffic alerts. A huge dual pane sunroof and advanced all-wheel drive system add to the benefits of the anniversary package.

Town and Country Retains its Status as Minivan King

People have been buying Chrysler Town and Country minivans for decades because of their functionality, attention to detail and inclusion of features that make the driving experience much more pleasurable. The 90th Anniversary addition adds a power sunroof, heated seats in the first and second rows, a heated steering wheel and keyless entry and starting capability. Special 90th anniversary badging adds a nice touch to the floor mats and touchscreen. Test-drive the new Town and Country this fall at Chapman Payson in the heart of the Rim Country, along with all the other great Chrysler and Dodge vehicles .

Chrysler 300 SRT Expected for 2016


It’s the SRT That Makes it Special

When you see the letters “SRT” on a Chrysler or Dodge vehicle, you know something special is going to happen when you get behind the wheel. As an acronym for “Street and Racing Technology,” the badge lets you know this is a high performance vehicle built to impress your friends and neighbors while you push the line somewhere between a thrilling driving performance and out-of-body experience. With the Charger, Challenger, Ram truck and Jeep Grand Cherokee all having models with the SRT insignia, it seemed like just a matter of time until Chrysler brought the 300 SRT back from the dead, having axed it at the end of the 2014 model year.

Signs Point to 2016 Delivery

Although Chrysler has made no formal announcement, all signs point to a 2016 delivery for the Chrysler 300 SRT. A version of the car is already in production for the Middle East so it wouldn’t be that big of a chore to offer it for sale in the U.S. Spy car photos show a version of the 300 SRT cruising American streets. The exterior is not that much different from the available 300, except for SRT badging, a duckbill spoiler and some LED lighting. A lowered stance provides a more aggressive look, while twin spoke wheels and Brembo brake calipers add to the sporty vision.

Don’t Look for the Hellcat Version

Chrysler is having enough problems trying to deliver all the Challenger and Charger Hellcat orders, so it’s not anticipated they’ll try and add the 707-horsepower engine to the 300. Instead expect the 6.4-liter HEMI that produces 392 horsepower, which is plenty of performance in a car this size. To get an idea of how much performance that engine offers, take a visit to Chapman Payson Auto Center and test drive the similarly outfitted Charger or Challenger.

SRT Started as Team Viper

Now a specific division under the Chrysler Brand, the SRT team began as Team Viper due to the fact it designed the original Viper. They merged with Team Prowler and eventually stuck with the SRT moniker. When there is a number after the SRT badge, such as SRT-10, the number stands for the number of cylinders in the engine. Although SRT was once a separate brand, it has been re-absorbed into the Chrysler Group and is now sold as a trim package with an attitude.


Driving distractions are a major challenge for motorists. On daily basis, around 9 people are killed and an additional 1,153 are hurt because of a distracted motorist, as per figures supplied by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

A part of those disasters originate from people taking their focus off the road and concentrating on their cell phone. Streamlined infotainment systems and hands-free technologies in today’s newer model vehicles were created in part to decrease interruptions and curtail the texting and driving dilemma, however there are certainly improvements to be made.

This is exactly where Edmund’s DrivePromise app wants to change lives.

An App That Stops You From Texting

It might appear detrimental at first glance – an app, which is intended to help you stay off your mobile phone – however the Edmunds approach appears straightforward and highly effective.

Individuals are requested to make a pledge to someone they love through the app. After that, the device will immediately show that pledge with an image of the loved one whenever it identifies the user is in a vehicle in motion. It draws on your heart strings to helps you to pay attention to the road.

Avi Steinlauf, CEO of, stated that triggering a strong, highly-emotional motivator appears to be a very good way to snap folks out of a hazardous and unnecessary behavior. He further said that our precious time and resources are properly used if we find a way to change people’s actions and will be key in making the streets much safer for everyone.

Upon getting the signal, drivers can opt to record every pledge and also share the amount and message with relatives and friends through social media.

Additionally, the people at Edmunds inspired the idea that your cell phone needs to be concealed and out of your thoughts while driving by appealing to smartwatch owners mostly. The DrivePromise app is currently being promoted as a totally free tool for the Apple Watch. In fact, it could be downloaded to your cell phone, also, if you believe that might help you.

Other Ways To Stop Texting And Driving

Keep in mind, downloading an app isn’t the lone method you can actually help remind someone you love to refrain from using the phone when driving a car. In many cases having a frank and firm talk is the most effective solution. Apart from that, the most effective ways to prove that you are not going to stand for texting and driving is to be a leader yourself. Put away your cell phone, particularly when you’re with impressionable riders. It’s for your own personal benefit and theirs.

Learn more about in-car apps and technology at the Chapman Payson dealership.