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Aims to Build Loyal Workforce

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) recently announced that all employees at the company’s United States dealerships have an opportunity for free college tuition. The company’s 2,400 U.S. dealers employ more than 118,000 people under the Fiat, Ram, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicle brands including workers at the Chapman Payson Auto Center. The education is only available through Strayer University, which offers a complete online program. Although the program typically costs $42,000 per person, there is no word what it will cost FCA per employee. The program is designed to satisfy a real need for education in America, as well as build a loyal workforce. “With the increasing cost of a college education, offering free college degrees without the burden of debt presents a significant value that we are pleased to provide and that differentiates us from our competitors,” said Al Gardner, Chrysler CEO.

College Degree Cuts Unemployment Rate by Half

Although your return on investment for a bachelor’s degree can vary depending on the industry, a recent study shows that those with a college degree are about twice as likely to have a job as those who don’t. For people who aren’t employed at an FCA dealership, a good place to start is with an Associate of Arts degree at a Community College. The cost per credit hour is about a third of what major universities charge and you can get your first two years of courses out of the way. A Bachelor’s Degree is not the ultimate tool it once was for landing a job, but is still necessary for many professional fields like teaching, engineering and business.

FCA Benefits Package Driving the Future

For FCA employees, a complete benefits package is just part of a program designed to help all workers realize their maximum potential. A comprehensive health and wellness program and the ability to build long-term financial security are important to maintaining a happy and productive workforce. Special FCA perks include a discount buying program that allows the purchase of up to six vehicles a year. For those who like to have a new vehicle in the garage at all times, a special lease program allows for switching out a car or truck every one or two years. There are also discount programs for insurance, computers and legal services, as well as discount tickets to theme parks and other local attractions around the country.

Declared Bankruptcy? You Can Still Buy That Car.

Jumping Over the Word Bankruptcy

Believe it or not bankruptcy isn’t the end of the road, even though the public stigma might make you believe so. Bankruptcy actually helps you to move on from debt and on with your life. Furthermore, it is more common than you might think. There were 936,795 total bankruptcy filings in 2014 as per the United States Courts. In those numbers, it is hard for borrowers and lenders to ignore. If lenders didn’t consider those who went through bankruptcy, they would run of out potential clients.

Bankruptcy can seem like a burdening process but there is hope. You can still get approval for an auto loan after, even during bankruptcy. You just have to know how and be prepared for auto financing.

Understand Your Choices

You need to consider your options before applying for a car loan if you are still in the bankruptcy process. In going through bankruptcy, hopefully you have learned to manage your money better. However are you comfortable taking out another loan? Be brutally honest with yourself. If your answer is yes, Chapman Payson offers the following tips will be very helpful:

Build Up Your Credit Score

Unfortunately the only way to repair bad credit is to use it. Seems like a double-edge sword but there is no escaping it. The fastest way to rebuild your credit is to make loan payments on time. Be sure to keep up with any existing monthly payments. When you apply for a car loan, the lender will check your recent financial history to see if you are making your payments on time. Bankruptcy should have discharged most of your previous debts and your slate should be clean, so this shouldn’t be a major problem.

Higher Interest Rates

Once you have completed your bankruptcy process, you cannot file for bankruptcy again too soon, there would be no reason to. Lenders actually see this as an opportunity. They are willing to take the risk of someone recently discharged from bankruptcy because they have no choice but to make the payments. You can expect to pay higher interest for the risk to the lender. Just keep making your payments on time and eventually your risk level will be reduced and you will be able to pay lower interest rates.

Be Reasonable

If you don’t approach your finances differently after bankruptcy you will be in trouble again very soon. Use what you learned during the bankruptcy process about better managing your money. If you are making a car loan application, do it for the right reasons. A car is a necessity for some people, they will need to get to work, pick up and drop kids off at school, groceries etc. Therefore auto loans are the most common after bankruptcy. You are not alone in applying for car loans after bankruptcy.

Getting Approved

Bankruptcy doesn’t have to hold you back from living your life. It is there to help borrowers deal with their debts so they can move on with their lives. Loans help consumers to purchase items they don’t currently have all the money for. Use these two resources the right way and you’ll be driving your car in no time.


New Option Takes Unique Vehicle to Next Level

As if the Dodge Viper didn’t stand out from the crowd enough, buyers now have the ability to create a completely unique version of this iconic sports car utilizing an online ordering tool. The Viper GTC Customizer allows buyers to pick from more than 25 million different combinations of paint, accessories and features. There are 8,000 different colors to choose from and 24,000 various kinds of stripes. You can also select different wheels, interior trim packages and brakes, as well as four different kinds of suspension. Stop in at the Chapman Payson dealership to find out more about how to personalize your own Dodge Viper.

Dodge Provides Scale Model Replica

Once you complete your order, Dodge will send you a 1:18 scale model of the Viper in your color palette to confirm your order. The real Viper will include a badge on the instrument panel personalized with a name you choose for your vehicle. Once you create your own personalized version of the Viper, feel free to share with others on the GTC gallery. Better yet, import your own pictures and place your Viper in them to see how it will fit in your environment. You can also download pictures of your creation to use as wallpaper on your phone or mobile device. What better way to show off your new creation while waiting for it to be built?

Has all Features of GT Model

Your personalized Viper will have all the features of the GT Model including the 645 horsepower V-10 that’s at the heart of this ultra-performance sports car. With more available torque than any other naturally aspirated car in the world, you’ll need the full array of safety features including four-channel anti-lock brakes, stability control and traction control. Your new Viper will not only be a one-of-a-kind vehicle, but will be one of only 30,000 Vipers every produced in the 23-year history of the car. If that doesn’t make you feel special you may have to move up to Formula 1 racing.

Customizing adds 10K to Price Tag

There is a price for having a one-of-a-kind vehicle, but it’s not as bad as you might imagine. The personalized Viper GTC models start at just a shade under $95 K, which is $10 thousand more than a similarly equipped GT model. For that you get a true supercar that is guaranteed to turn heads and draw crowds wherever you go. For more information on the Viper GTC, talk to the experts at the Chapman Payson Auto Center or any Chapman Dodge dealership.


That time of the year beckons again—April National Car Care month. So you know what that means, time to check in on those trusted vehicles that work hard to get you from A to B.

New drivers may ask why auto maintenance is so crucial. Well unless you regularly service your vehicle, you’re almost certain to spend more money out of pocket dealing with various issues in the long run.

“Neglected vehicle care almost always means much higher costs down the line in the form of more extensive repairs or lost resale value,” said Rich White, executive director, Car Care Council.

When you consider how much driving you do, it’s in your best interest to have your car checked out at specified intervals to maintain overall car value, preserve fuel economy and prevent disasters that end up costing you even more money. However most drivers still avoid maintenance service. The Car Care Council reports that approximately 84% of cars either required maintenance service or parts during car care events in October and April of last year.

Avoid being one of the crowd and take some preventative steps that will save you loads of money down the road. Chapman Payson offers several maintenance to-do items for this month:

Swap the winter tires (for northern drivers)

You never know with mother nature especially in the northeast, but it’s unlikely there will be heavy snow in the summer. For those in colder climates, unless the change in seasons brings higher temperatures, perhaps keep you should keep winter tires on. It must be said that seasonal tires can endure increased wear and tear during warmer climates. This means that a majority of drivers swap them out for all-season tires during this time of the year. It shouldn’t really be a top priority until the weather begins to heat up much more. Therefore, look out for the weather forecast.

Fluid inspection

Check all the fluid levels —oil, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant. Run an eyeball check and top off whatever is necessary. Not performing an oil change at the required intervals may result in extensive damage. Refer to your owner’s manual for scheduled maintenance recommendations.

Check the HVAC 

If you recall the New England heat wave last year, you know exactly why you’ll want to inspect your HVAC beforehand. Temperatures have soared over the 80s and 90s by Marathon Monday in previous years. Therefore never underestimate the speed of weather change. Do so at your own peril.

Check your battery

It’s important to not only ensure your battery doesn’t need a complete replacement, but to also inspect the connections and terminals. Make sure that everything is as clean as possible and free of any corrosion. If your car is having trouble immediately starting up in the morning, it could be warning signs of a battery on its last leg.

There are dozens of other car care tips that savvy drivers need to be aware of. And this short list at the very least will get you going in the right direction to preserving the value and function of your vehicle.

Follow the Rules When Driving Off Road


Stay on Roads and Trails

Off-roading is a popular sport in Arizona. There are many clubs dedicated to taking a monthly ride into the less-travelled areas of the state to explore old mines, seek out Native American ruins or just commune with nature. Although there are some specific laws that deal with off-roading in Arizona, the biggest rule is to stay on maintained trails and roads. The Sonoran Desert is a harsh environment, but it is also fragile. In order to protect the wildlife and plants of Arizona, it’s important that people in Jeeps and other off-road vehicles respect the land and leave untouched areas alone.

Get a Permit for State Trust Land

Much of the land that seems like open country is really owned by the State. A permit is required to cross the land or use the roads and trails that are on it. It’s a simple process to contact the Arizona State Land Department and get a permit that is good for one year from the date of issuance. There are some other rules for State Trust lands, including not running your vehicle within a quarter-mile of a stock tank and leaving gates as they are, whether that’s open or closed. People lease State Trust land to graze animals on, so it’s important to leave things as you found them.

Don’t Hassle Wildlife

If you travel the back roads often enough, you will undoubtedly come across some very cool wildlife. Depending on what part of the state you’re in, you might experience bears, elk, deer, javelinas or mountain lions. These animals are just trying to get through life, much like you. Feel free to take a picture, but don’t harass them. Leave them alone and they will do the same for you.

Leave Nothing But Tire Tracks

Litter is a huge problem in many off road locations in Arizona. The banks of streams and rivers look more like a landfill in some areas than a source of life-giving water. It’s important that you haul all your trash out on every trip and dispose of it properly. Many off-road clubs have dedicated runs to simply maintain trails and pick up trash. Do what you can to promote nature while you’re out there and preserve the great outdoors for generations to come.

Jeep Wrangler a Good Pick for Off Roading

If you are interested in driving off the beaten path, you should have a dependable four-wheel drive vehicle. The Jeep Wrangler is a perfect pick because of its iconic stature as a military vehicle and history battling nature’s toughest trails. Visit Chapman Payson for a large selection of Jeep Wranglers and Cherokees, then have fun being a responsible off-roader.