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New Demon Priced at About 100 Bucks a Horse

While the suggested list price of $84,995 will put the new Dodge Demon Challenger out of the reach of some buyers, when you consider that number comes down to about a hundred dollars a horse, it doesn’t sound that bad. The Demon is simply the most powerful production car on the planet, delivering 840 horsepower. For one dollar more, Dodge is offering a variety of accessories, including a front passenger seat, rear seat and Demon trunk carpet kit. The Demon is offered in a limited production run, so check in early with Chapman Payson for a chance to get your hands on this king of the road.

“Eighty-five thousand dollars is not just a number in a business case to Dodge; we know it’s a lot of money and a significant up-charge over a Challenger Hellcat,” said Dodge passenger car boss Tim Kuniskis. The Hellcat whet the appetite of muscle car fans everywhere a couple of years ago when it came on the scene with a then-record 707 horsepower. “We worked very hard to build as much value into the Challenger SRT Demon as possible – features, performance and exclusivity that simply can’t be duplicated with a goal of maintaining, and possibly even growing, as much future value as possible.”

Dodge Demon Delivers a Lot of Firsts

The new Dodge Demon offers a lot of firsts to go along with the amazing horsepower numbers. It is the first production car with the ability to do a wheelie and the first vehicle you can buy off the showroom floor that has posted a 9.65 second time in the quarter mile. It also provides the most g’s ever, registering 1.8 g at launch. With that much power comes a lot of responsibility to keep the engine cool, which is why the Dodge engineers developed an Air-Grabber induction setup that uses liquid to cool the air, and ultimately, the motor.

Demon Crate Best Buy for a Dollar

The price on the Demon may be high, but Dodge is offering a lot of accessories for just a dollar. The Demon Crate package is a phenomenal buy for just a buck, with a total value of more than $6,000. It includes narrow front drag wheels, a performance powertrain module that calibrates the engine for high octane use, an entire suite of Demon brand track tools including a hydraulic floor jack, and a foam case that holds all those accessories. Remember, if you like the Challenger but aren’t sure you need the high price tag or all that horsepower, Dodge provides a number of trim levels for every price point. Check out the Challenger inventory today at Chapman Payson.

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