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The Only Jeep That Matters to Serious Off-roaders

Although Jeep has a number of vehicles that are perfectly competent both off-road and on, the only Jeep that really matters to any serious off-roader is the one that hasn’t changed the basic design much since first introduced in World War II. Aside from the relatively recent addition of a 4-door Unlimited model, the Jeep Wrangler is one of those things in life, like death and taxes, that you can rely on year after year. The go-anywhere Jeep hasn’t changed that much for 2017 in anticipation of an all-new model for 2018, and that suits Wrangler fans just fine. The latest entry into the Wrangler lineup will be arriving any day at Chapman Payson, just in time to explore the fall colors on the Mogollon Rim.

Few New Wrinkles for 2017

Although the basic design of the Wrangler hasn’t changed for 2017, expect a few new touches to freshen up the beast. LED fog lights and headlamps are new for this model year on some models, and a cold weather equipment group is now an option for the Sport and Sport S. Heated mirrors, heated seats and an engine cooler can come in handy in the cold country around Payson. Heavy duty mats make it a snap to empty your new vehicle of any snow or slush you might track in while hunting. The standard 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine is a tried and true workhorse in many Chrysler products and the Wrangler is no different. It pumps out 285 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, more than enough to power out of trouble when you take it off-road.

Diesel, Hybrid Scheduled Down the Road

Chrysler said earlier this year that the next-generation Wrangler will eventually offer a diesel engine and a hybrid option, but both those won’t be for another 5 years or so. Don’t expect a Wrangler to immediately get 50 mpg on the highway with the hybrid model. Chrysler calls it a “mild hybrid,” which means the electric engine will support the gasoline engine to help fuel efficiency. You will not, however, be able to run the Wrangler on electric power alone. The same system is also scheduled for use in the Ram pickup truck. Stay tuned to Chapman Payson for more information on this innovative technology as the release date draws nearer.

Wrangler Comes in 10 Styles

The Jeep Wrangler offers plenty of choice for those looking for a unique take on the tough trail boss. From the base Sport model, Jeep offers 10 different trim levels and special editions. All models come with variations of the Jeep tough 4-wheel drive system, but if you really want to tackle the hard trails you need to take a look at the Rubicon and Rubicon Hard Rock models. Named after one of America’s toughest off-road excursions, the Rubicon has mechanical lockers, the premium Rock-Trac 4×4 system and features like hill descent control to keep things from getting a little too hairy on those steep declines. Test drive a Wrangler today at Chapman Payson and you’ll never want a different off-roader.

15 Chapman Payson

Plenty of Time to Gear Up for Colorful Adventure

Newcomers to the Valley of the Sun might be surprised to know there are areas in the state that abound with stunning colors of autumn when the leaves change colors. Back East people drive for hundreds of miles just to see the beauty that nature provides. You can get the same color show here in Arizona by heading a couple of hours out of Phoenix. To get up close to the most stunning exhibitions of color, it helps to have the 4×4 system that’s been taking Americans off-road for decades. Visit Chapman Payson and see how a new Jeep can make your colorful adventure more fun.

Take Long Route to Flagstaff

For one of the prettiest fall drives in the state, head up the Beeline Highway to Payson and then continue on State Route 87 through Pine and Strawberry until you get to Long Valley. You can fill up with gas here or stop in at the diner, but then head left on Forest Road 3 to Flagstaff. You’ll pass by Mormon Lake and Lake Mary, where you’ll see some fall colors, but the place to get out your camera is out by the Snow Bowl. You can either hike the Aspen Nature Loop, or hop on the Snow Bowl chairlift to get some aerial shots of the pretty colors.

Oak Creek Canyon Provides Perfect Escape

Just north of Sedona on Route 89 is Oak Creek Canyon, a winding two-lane road that takes you through some of the prettiest rock formations and color changes in the state. There are plenty of oak (as you might guess) and maple trees here that provide a hue familiar to those from the Midwest. Stop off and take a hike through the West Fork Trail to really immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Arizona. From there, you can continue north on 89 until you hit Flagstaff for the aforementioned spots.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum Offers Festival

If you’re out east of the Valley putting your new Chapman Payson Jeep to the test on some of the trails around the Superstition Mountains, it’s just a stone’s throw to continue on to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, where nature provides the last chance to view fall colors. The Arboretum provides a fall festival of colors at the end of November that includes music, food and vendors, along with the chance to take some amazing pictures.