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Ultimate Jeep Ready for Track or Trail

With almost 500 horsepower rumbling beneath its hood just waiting to be unleashed, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT is clearly the king of SUVs and all vehicles with the Jeep brand. If you’re looking for a Jeep in Payson, head over to Chapman Payson and take a look at the SRT. Although it is not inexpensive, it is tens of thousands of dollars less than competitors like the Porsche Turbo Cayenne, Supercharged Land Rover and BMW X6M. The Grand Cherokee matches all those luxury SUVs step-for-step in terms of comfort, convenience and sheer exhilarating fun. Car and Driver magazine calls the Grand Cherokee SRT a “value-priced mid-size luxury performance SUV.”

Listen to the Roar When You Step on the Gas

Just tromp on the accelerator and you’ll hear and feel the joyous rumble of the 6.4L V8 HEMI engine. The sound of power fills the cabin as you quickly accelerate to 60 mph and beyond while leaving the competition behind. The Grand Cherokee SRT is naturally aspirated, meaning the lack of a turbocharger eliminates the dreaded turbo lag that burdens so many competitors. The engine and 8-speed automatic transmission work in concert to smoothly power through the gears on your morning commute or weekend joy ride. The Grand Cherokee SRT is stylish, so you’ll feel perfectly comfortable handing the keys to the parking attendant during a night on the town. Just switch the SUV into Valet Mode to reduce the horsepower and keep the young driver from having too much fun.

Off-road Adventure Package Boosts Outdoor Fun

If you plan on taking your Grand Cherokee SRT off-road, consider adding the Off-road Adventure II feature package. With an air suspension system that’s the envy of its competitor, this package has air springs that allow you to switch between five different setups for the highway or trail. Boost your ground clearance when you’re off-road, then lower the vehicle for the best aerodynamics once you get back on the highway. The off-road package also includes a full-size spare, secure tow hooks to help get yourself and others out of trouble, and a tough skid plate to protect your oil pan and transmission. If you keep your eyes open while looking for a Jeep in Payson, you’ll see everything from extreme off-roaders to luxury SUVs. For the best of both worlds, tell the pros at Chapman Payson that you’re looking for a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT.


Popular Minivan Remains Great People Hauler

With its patented Stow n’ Go seating, powerful V6 engine and a slew of packages that add power doors and a power liftgate along with other features, the Dodge Grand Caravan may be the Old Lady of the minivan market, but it’s also a popular and affordable choice. The American Value Package innovation of a couple of years ago has brought the starting price down to the basement of the market. Whereas many of its competitors start well north of $30,000, the basic Dodge Grand Caravan can be had for a measly $24,590. See how much minivan you can get for the money with a visit to Chapman Payson Auto Center.

Stow ‘N Go Innovation Makes Quick Transformation

Once you’ve dropped the soccer team off at practice and need to pick up a couch from the thrift store, all you need to do is pull a few straps and your roomy Dodge Grand Caravan people hauler turns into the ultimate cargo vehicle. The Stow ‘N Go system is the only minivan other than its sibling Chrysler Pacifica to have all the seats fold down completely into under floor storage compartments. The result is a whopping 143 cubic feet of cargo space that makes everything from yard sale shopping to picking up feed an absolute pleasure. When it comes time to pick up the kids, the seats restore to their full upright position with easy. The rear seat will even flip around to face the rear when parked, offering the perfect position for a drive-in movie, tailgating party or camp out.

Make Those Long Drives a Day at the Movies

Keep the kids quiet and entertained with the dual-screen Blu-ray and DVD system that is exclusive to the Grand Caravan. The kids in the front can watch their favorite Disney classic, while the older children in the rear watch something more appropriate for their age. Streaming Bluetooth audio splits the sound between the two monitors through the provided infrared headphones. Two USB ports in the rear keep your kids’ electronics charged, making a long road trip into a pleasant journey.

Grand Caravan Comes in Six Trim Levels

Whether you’re looking for the lowest price in the AVP model or want something a little more luxurious in the SXT Plus or R/T trim packages, the Dodge Grand Caravan has six different models offering a variety of trim packages and prices. Talk to your local pros at Chapman Payson Auto Center to see about a test drive in the minivan that has stood the test of time.