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Number One Tip is Be Prepared

Taking your Jeep off-road is a great way to bond with family and friends, but you need to be prepared. Always make sure your Jeep is in top mechanical condition. If you’re not a mechanic, take it to the service center at Chapman Payson for regular oil changes and maintenance. You should check and ensure your battery is secure and all your fluids are at proper levels before taking off. Tires should have plenty of tread and be at proper inflation, and don’t forget to pack some water and nutrition like energy bars and nuts, just in case you’re out longer than you intend. Before you leave, make sure someone knows where you’re going and when you intend to be back. It’s always a good idea to travel with someone else who can help in case there’s a problem.

Watch Your Thumbs

When you hit the really rocky terrain, it’s not unusual for your wheels to make a sharp turn. If you have your thumbs in the spokes of the steering wheel, an injury might occur. Keep your thumbs up on top of the wheel away from the spokes. Chances are you’ll be traveling slowly, so keep a loose grip on the wheel and let go if it starts to spin, although that’s highly unusual if you have power steering. Remember, no white knuckling. You’re supposed to be having fun.

Don’t Wait to Put Your Jeep in 4WD

Once you get stuck, it’s pretty tough to put your Jeep into four-wheel drive. Keep it in two-wheel on a dirt road, but before you get into the really tough stuff, take a break and engage all four wheels. Remember to keep scanning from left to right as you drive slowly through unknown terrain. Don’t forget the windshield folds down on a Wrangler, making it a little easier to see the next obstacle.

Plan Ahead Before Tackling Hills

Although your Jeep has many of the characteristics of a mountain goat, it’s still best to put a little thought into a sharp ascent or descent. Try and keep your vehicle pointing toward the top or bottom of the hill. Although unlikely, taking a horizontal tack could produce a rollover on a very steep incline. Apply the most power at the bottom of the hill, then take it easy as you get to the crest. Always know what’s on the other side, in case there’s nothing on the other side (ouch). If you have a manual shift, put it in the lowest gear and let the compression slow you down on your descent. If you’re new to off-roading, it might be best to join a club and learn from people with more experience. Check with Chapman Payson for a list of clubs in your area.

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Special Edition Outfitted for Tough Conditions

With special features like authentic Mopar rock rails, a Dana 44 rear locking axle and special BF Goodrich K02 tires, the new Jeep Wrangler Backcountry edition helps drivers negotiate through ice and snow. Not only functional, the new Backcountry was designed with the idea of winter athletes in their racing suits. Five special colors include Xtreme Purple, Hydro Blue, Bright White, Granite Crystal and Black. The colors are accentuated with a decal on the hood that wraps around to the driver’s door. Check out the latest edition of the Wrangler with a trip to your Payson Jeep dealer, Chapman Payson.

Interior Just as Tough as Outside

Winter weather can be just as tough on the inside of your Jeep as it is on the outside. Ice and mud are easily disposed of from the all-weather slush mats, while the seats are outfitted with black McKinley leather surrounding sport mesh inserts. This not only helps keep you in place when averting a sudden snow drift, but also provides a comfortable ride. Piano black grab handles, door handles and vent rings provide a nice sophisticated touch to the interior styling, while a premium stereo system by Alpine delivers both your favorite tunes and the latest weather report with crystal clear sound. Pay attention to your Jeep command center for the latest tire pressure monitoring and vehicle information. A voice activated communication system allows you to use Bluetooth connectivity for calls and texts so you can keep your hands on the wheel where they belong.

Off-road Bumpers Offer Protection

The 2016 Jeep Wrangler Backcountry features steel bumpers that not only provide plenty of clearance, but also deliver protection should you lose control and slide into an obstacle. The front bumper also has a mount for a winch in case you should desire some serious off-road challenges. Integrated fog lights help illuminate the way during a whiteout or other serious weather condition. Speaking of illumination, the interior of the Wrangler Backcountry is a well-lit cockpit, which can come in handy if you should happen to lose control in the dark. From illuminated cup holders and foot wells to bright LED map lights built into the rearview mirror, the Wrangler has plenty of light for reading a map or your roadside assistance information.

Oh Yeah, It’s Fun to Drive

Not that you want to wish problems on anyone, but there is a certain satisfaction to driving a Jeep during a driving snowstorm. While others are struggling to put on chains or may have unfortunately wound up on the end of a tow truck, your Backcountry Wrangler can just chug through the drifts and get you home. See the latest special edition of the Jeep family by taking a trip to Chapman Payson.