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A Warranty and Your Jeep

A vehicle warranty is always sticky business. There is always a myriad of legalese, fine print and sales gentlemen trying to get you to buy the extended warranty your crazy uncle warned you about. When you buy a vehicle that begs for modifications, like most Jeep products—for the most part, you are playing a very dangerous game with your warranty when you take it off-road.

Yes, Jeep understands what it builds and what people do with it. Jeep knows they build vehicles that will go places man should not oft venture, yet the company also understands that it cannot be caught shelling out thousands of dollars day after day for questionable repairs. If your dealership won’t cover the repair costs, check out a secondary dealership like Chapman Payson and see what they have to offer.

It is a catch 22 of sorts for the company, and many of these warranty repairs will come down to individual dealerships—which is far from fair, but the world we live in. Granted, Mopar has an approved and warrantied line of parts for Jeeps, including lift kits, bumpers, axles and other great parts.

Once you get the list of approved parts, ask your service advisor what modifications can be made that will not void your warranty. Develop a relationship with your local Jeep dealership. This way, you have an advocate on your behalf on the inside to defend your modifications if any conflict arises.

One safe way to guarantee that you don’t void your warranty is to just wait until the 3-year/36,000-mile warranty has expired, then you are guaranteed to get the problems you need fixed if anything was to occur without fear of having a voided warranty.

Understandably, Jeep has written itself some protection in the warranty manual. In a section entitled “What’s Not Covered,” it excludes warranty coverage for “conditions resulting from anything impacting the vehicle” plus damage caused by “abuse or negligence” and “misuse — for example, driving over curbs or overloading.”

This is where it comes down to the individual dealership and how they determine the damage was done. If they say it was caused by abuse, negligence or misuse, you won’t have a leg to stand on when asking to repair the damage under warranty.

If you want to be sure, talk to your service department, and see what they recommend you do when taking your Jeep off-road, or when you modify it. What they say isn’t a binding contract, but will give you good grounds to start your adventure on.

Dealing with fixing repairs under warranty is never fun…never something we want to do, but at times it is necessary. It never hurts to ask, and if your dealership says no to any warranty repairs, you can always check out the Payson Auto Center for more information.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The truth is that any car or SUV can roll if traveling to fast while turning to abruptly. The myth that Jeeps roll easier than other brands is just that, a myth. The misconception stems from the fact that SUV’s and vehicles that are higher off the ground are top heavy and roll easier than a low profile sports car. It also stems from competing brands using Youtube videos of reckless drivers as evidence that the vehicle somehow failed. No matter the brand, large SUV’s that are top heavy have a higher center of gravity, which leads to slower steering response and more g-forces which increase body roll. That is the downside to any large vehicle or SUV. The upside is that in a collision, the higher center of gravity and extra weight provide extra protection and make the passengers safer.

In short, there is no evidence that Jeeps roll more than other vehicle brands. In fact for the average driver who does not drive recklessly, the Jeeps at Chapman Payson and other Jeep dealers are just as safe or safer than any other car brand. But don’t just take it from me. US News and World Report gave the 2014 Cherokee a 9.3 out of 10 safety rating. It also gave the 2014 Grand Cherokee a 9 out of 10 safety rating, the 2014 Jeep Patriot a 7.8 out of 10 safety rating and the 2014 compass a 7.7 out of 10 safety rating, Those ratings include factors such as roll rate and if they were prone to rolling or any other danger, it would be reflected in those ratings.

The publication had only good things to say about the Jeeps and even awarded the 2014 Jeep Cherokee the #9 spot on its list of best affordable compact SUVs.  To put a complete end to the myth is the award given to the 2014 Grand Cherokee. It was awarded the #2 spot on the US News list of best affordable midsize size SUVs and named one of the best vehicles for families. The 2014 Jeep Cherokee and 2014 Jeep Cherokee are available today at the Payson Auto Center.